AIRWays Reporting Pilot Now Available
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AIRWays Reporting Pilot Now Available

May 7, 2019

The Enhanced AIRWays Reporting Pilot is now accessible as a portal card on the ELA/Literacy & Math assessment page. In addition to integrating the Summative assessments into the AIRWays system, there will be several additional features. These features include the availability of ISRs, the ability to breakdown reports by demographics and the addition of a reporting data feature which allows users to see their reports as they existed on any given date. The pilot system will be available until Friday, July 19. The site can be entered by using your AIR Systems login. The AIRWays Reporting Online User Guide is available by clicking the Help button. This user guide provides complete information on all AIRWays Reporting functions. Please contact the Help Desk with any questions. Feedback on this new system is highly valuable as it provides insight into how the system can be improved. Please use the link on the home page of the portal (coming next week) to access the form where you can provide your comments.

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