Answer Keys Available in AIRWays Reporting
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Answer Keys Available in AIRWays Reporting

Nov 7, 2018

Answer Keys for Interim tests can now be found in AIRWays Reporting. To access this resource, log in to the AIRWays Reporting site and click on any test. At the top left of the next page, you will see a book () icon. Click on that icon and a pop-up will appear which provides links to the Digital Library Connections Playlists and the Answer Keys. Each document contains the answer keys for all tests within that grade. For example, the grade 3 Answer Keys PDF includes answers for all grade 3 ELA/Math IABs and ICAs. For more information about the Interim tests offered, please refer to the “Interim Assessments Overview” resources found in the ELA/Literacy & Math Assessments resources section under the Interim Assessments sub-folder

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