Authoring System Now Available
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Authoring System Now Available

Sep 14, 2020

The Authoring system is now available. Authoring is a new system that educators can use to create items that can be aligned to standards and can also be added to original tests created by educators as well. You can access this system through the Authoring card located on the ELA/Literacy & Math AssessmentsScience Assessments, or Idaho Alternate Assessments pages. You can also access the system in the drop-down list of any other CAI system on the upper left corner of the home page.

Authored tests will be available to proctor in the TA Interface. Users must have published a test or have a test shared with them in order to see that test appear in the TA Interface. All students are authorized to take Authored tests in the Test Delivery System (TDS). For students to take these tests, they can simply log into any student testing site with a session ID that includes Authored tests.

More information about Authoring can be found by clicking the Help button located at the top right corner of each page in the Authoring site. The online help guide will provide guidance for creating new test items, building tests, working with items and tests shared with you, and sharing your tests or items with other users. The more comprehensive Authoring User Guide will be available Friday, September 18. Later this fall, an Authoring Training Module will also be released. An announcement will be posted once the additional training materials become available.

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