Paper Test Books Order Form
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Paper Test Books Order Form

Jan 4, 2021

The paper test material initial order window for accommodated paper testing (regular print, large print, braille, IDAA paper response option cards) begins today, Monday, January 4 and will end on Tuesday, February 16. The initial order window guarantees materials will arrive in districts prior to the paper testing window, which begins April 5 and ends on May 21. Materials will continue to be available to order through May 12. However, any orders past February 16 will not be guaranteed for arrival prior to the testing window.

Once student testing is complete, the proctor will need to transcribe student responses in the Data Entry Interface (DEI). All student responses will need to be entered into the DEI by May 21.

Test materials must be ordered by a District Administrator (DA) or a District Coordinator (DC). If students require a paper test accommodation, the “Paper Tester” flag should be marked as “Yes” in TIDE.

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