Shortened ICAs (SICAs)
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Shortened ICAs (SICAs)

Sep 21, 2020

Shortened ICAs (SICAs) are now available as an additional option for 2020-2021 Interim testing. These tests are a different version of the ICA. They were shortened to reduce testing time for students and to minimize time away from instruction. We are offering these shortened versions to provide insight into students' knowledge and skills, given that schools did not have spring 2020 Summative test results. The SICAs do not include the Performance Task (i.e., the hand scored items ) in order to reduce the time between student testing and reporting of scores in the Reporting site. Now students' scores will be available in Reporting almost immediately upon completion and submission of the SICA. 

Like all other Interim Assessments, students can take the SICAs in the Secure Browser or the Remote Interim Testing site, and TAs can proctor these tests by setting up sessions in the Test Administration (TA) app. There is a sub-section in the TA test selection tree specifically for the SICAs.  SICAs are offered in grades 3-8.

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