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Frequently Asked Questions about Paper-Pencil Tests

Where do I record answers to paper-pencil tests?

Student’s paper-pencil test responses are entered into the Data Entry Interface (DEI). If responses are not transcribed by the proctor into the DEI, student responses cannot be scored. Access the DEI card through the Idaho portal. 

What is the spring 2022 paper-pencil test window?

The spring 2022 paper-pencil test window (all tests)  will begin on Monday, April 4, 2022 and end on Friday, May 6, 2022.

Will Large Print and Braille be the only paper-pencil tests offered this year?

No, in addition to the Large Print and Braille paper-pencil tests, a limited number of regular print paper tests will be available for all Idaho Assessments, including ISAT By Smarter Balanced ELA/Literacy and Math tests and the Idaho Alternate Assessments for ELA and Math.  Paper-pencil forms are considered accommodations, and are available only for those students with documentation of the need through a formal plan (i.e., Individualized Education Program or 504).  Paper-pencil forms are fixed and do not adapt to show student performance across grade levels.

What is the paper-pencil tests order window?

The paper-pencil tests order window is TBD. All orders will be received via the Regular Print, Large Print, and/or Braille Accommodated Test Books Order Form located on the home page of the Idaho portal.  

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