Frequently Asked Questions about Sample/Interim/Summative Tests
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Frequently Asked Questions about Sample/Interim/Summative Tests

What is the purpose of the Sample tests?

The purpose of the Smarter Balanced training test is to give students and teachers an opportunity to quickly become familiar with the software and interface features that will be used in the summative assessments.

Will the Sample tests provide the same user interface as the field test?

Yes. It is also the same user interface as the interim assessments and the summative assessments.

Can students take the Sample Test in TIDE multiple times for practice?

Yes, the Sample Tests are unlimited.

Does the Sample Test give feedback about responses?


Are Interim Assessments similar to the Sample tests?

No, they are real tests, scored, and reported in Reporting. 

Do Interim Assessments need to use the Secure Browser?

No. Students could use the Secure Browser or a conventional browser. If the students use a conventional browser, they click on the Remote Interim Testing Site card on the Idaho Portal.

Does TIDE have to be populated with students prior to accessing Interim Assessments?


Will Interim Assessments be available through the Summative Assessment testing window?

No, the Interim tests will close before the Summative Assessment window. However, they will re-open for a Summer administration at the close of the Summative Assessment window. The Summer Interim Assessment window will be open through Friday, July 29, 2022.

Where can a student find practice Performance Tasks?

Performance Tasks can be found in the grade level chosen within the Practice and Training Tests.

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