Frequently Asked Questions about Test Administration
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Frequently Asked Questions about Test Administration

What is the basic workflow for administering online tests?

First, the test proctor selects tests and starts a test session. Students then sign in to the Secure Browser and select a test to take; this action sends a request for approval to the test proctor on the TA Interface. The test proctor then reviews students’ requests in the TA Interface and approves/denies the students for testing. Students complete and submit their tests. When testing is done for a session or for the day, students pause their test, then the test proctor stops the test session and logs out of the TA Interface.

What steps are taken before, during, and after testing?

1.  Preparing for testing: Log in to TIDE to manage users, student information, student test settings and tools, create/modify rosters and take the Online TA certification course available on the Idaho Portal.
2.  Administering tests: The TA interface allows users to create a test session and approve students for testing. The Secure Browser delivers Idaho’s online tests to students.
3.  After testing: Use TIDE to manage non-participation codes and resolve testing discrepancies (available during the Summative window only). Use Reporting to view/print student score reports and view district/school performance data for Interim and Summative Assessments.

When will test results typically be available in Reporting?

For the ELA/L and math Summative Assessments, scores will typically appear in Reporting approximately 10 business days AFTER the student has completed and submitted BOTH the CAT AND PT portions of their ISAT.

For the SY21-22 science Summative Assessments, scores will appear in Reporting AFTER the Idaho SDE, CAI, and Idaho stakeholders have conducted our standard setting meeting, and the Idaho SBOE has approved the achievement level cut scores. Those tasks are tentatively scheduled for summer 2022.

For Interim Assessments that do not contain hand scored items, the scores typically appear in Reporting a few hours AFTER the student has completed and summitted their test. For the ELA/L and math Interim Assessments that include hand scored items, hand scoring must be completed/ reviewed in Reporting by a teacher in order for scores to appear.

How many opportunities are students given to take the ELA/L, Math, or science Summative Assessments?

All summative assessments only allow one opportunity per administrations.  

Does CAI support the use of iPads for ISAT?


Does CAI support the use of Chromebooks for ISAT?