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Mathematics Standards Assessed for 9th and 10 Grades /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/ISAT_Math-Standards_Assessed_Ninth_and_Tenth_Grade-Assessments.pdf
Updated August 18, 2017

This document outlines the primary mathematics standards that are assessed on the ninth and tenth grade ISATs.

Mathematics Guidelines for Inclusion of Measurement Conversions and Formulas /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/Formulas-and-Conversions-Guidelines.pdf

This document provides mathematical guidelines for the inclusion of measurement conversions and formulas.

Annual Test Security Agreement /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/Assessment-Confidentiality-Agreement.pdf
Updated March 02, 2021

This document will need to be signed by any person who will be proctoring an assessment during the 2020-2021 school year and will be kept on file at each district office.

Spring 2021 Mathematics Adjusted Form Blueprints /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/MATH-SP21-Adjusted-Form-Blueprints.pdf
Updated March 01, 2021
These are the spring 2021 mathematics grades 3 to 8, and high school Adjusted Form blueprints. An adjusted form consists of a CAT and PT portion. An adjusted form will be adminstered to students taking the ISATs in-person or remotely.
Summative TAM /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/2020-21-Idaho-TAM.pdf
Updated April 22, 2021

This manual provides an overview of the Summative Assessments as well as procedural and policy guidance to prepare for and administer the Summative Assessments.

TIDE Test Improprieties /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/TIDE-Test-Improprieties.pptx
Updated March 29, 2021
This presentation describes how to prevent, detect, and escalate test incidents, how the TIDE Test Improprieties platform can be used to request appeals for test improprieties. This presentation can be used to train all Test Administrators on test incidents and TIDE test improprieties.
TIDE Test Improprieties Quick Guide /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/TIDE_Test_Improprieties_Quick-Guide.pdf
Updated April 20, 2021
This quick guide summarizes TIDE Test Impropriety request types, their definitions, detailed and other use cases.