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Resource Description
Reporting Quick Guide /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/2020-21-Idaho-Reporting-Quick-Guide.pdf
Updated October 28, 2020
This quick guide provides instructions and support for users viewing assessment performance reports in Reporting.
Reporting User Guide /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/2020-2021-Reporting-User-Guide.pdf
Updated October 13, 2020

This user guide provides instructions and supports for users viewing assessment performance reports in Reporting, specifically accessing interim assessment results.

ELA and Math Achievement Level Cut Scores /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/ELA-and-Math-Cut-Scores.pdf

This document outlines the ELA and math cut scores for each achievement level in each grade.

Scoring and Reporting Factsheet /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/SBAC-Reporting-Scoring-Factsheet-2015-08-07.pdf

This document is a Smarter Balanced Scoring and Reporting Fact-sheet. 

Target Report 3x3 Chart /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/Target-Report-3x3-Chart_11.2.18.pdf
Updated November 02, 2018

This document provides guidance to teachers and other educators about how to interpret the Summative ELA/Math target reports to use in their instruction. The nine possible performance categories are based on performance categories in Relative to Proficiency and Relative to Overall Test Performance.