Frequently Asked Questions about CAI Test Delivery Systems
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Frequently Asked Questions about CAI Test Delivery Systems

What is ORS?

The Online Reporting System (ORS) is the AIR system that provides score reports for each student who takes an assessment in TDS. ORS also has the rosters feature which allows users to create and manage rosters for analyzing aggregate score data for specific groups of students. ORS also allows users to download student data files containing test scores and demographic information. Users can download student data for a selected administration by district, school, teacher, or roster. The data includes students’ personal information, including enrolled school and district, grade level and the selected test scores.

District and school-level users can see student scores for their entire district and/or school, respectively. However, teachers can only see student scores if they are connected to students through rosters. After teachers are associated to students via rosters, the teachers can create smaller groupings of students by creating additional rosters with those students.

What is Reporting?

The Reporting system is a CAI system that provides score reports and/or performance data for each student who takes an Interim and/or Summative Assessment

What is the DEI system?

The Data Entry Interface (DEI) is a component of the Test Delivery System (TDS) that allows users to enter student assessment data, such as question responses for students that require a paper accommodation, and survey answers through the Learner Characteristics Inventory (LCI) for students that may need to take the Alternate Assessments. The DEI is also used for the Student Response Check (SRC) for students who do not have a consistent, observable mode of communication.

What is the TA Interface?

The Test Administrator (TA) interface is a component of the Test Delivery System that allows proctors to administer online tests.

Note: Do not use the TA Interface for sample tests. To practice administering tests, use the Sample Test Administration site.

What is TIDE?

 TIDE stands for "Test Information Distribution Engine." The TIDE system provides administrators with the tools to manage users and students participating in the ELA/ Math/Science ISATs, and the ELA/Math/Science Alternate Assessments. TIDE supports state, district, and school test coordinators throughout the testing process, from test preparation, to test administration, to post-administration. TIDE includes features to manage user and student information, monitor test progress, and execute administrative functions such as test resets or reopens.

What is TDS?

TDS stands for "Test Delivery System." It is the online testing system that will be used for the sample tests, optional interim assessments and the summative assessments. TDS delivers Idaho’s online tests through a Secure Browser. TDS consists of sample test sites and operational testing sites, the Assessment Viewing Application (AVA) and the Data Entry Interface (DEI).

What does a student need in order to log into a test?

The student will need an internet connection, and the Secure Browser installed on their testing machine. Once the Secure Browser has been installed, the student will need their First Name (as recorded in TIDE), their EDUID, and the test session number (generated by the TA).

Will CAI be available in “real time” as we have questions during the administration of the test?

Yes, the Idaho Help Desk is available 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. Contact the Idaho Help Desk at 1-844-560-7365 or

When will the DAs receive their user names and passwords to access TIDE to start the setup of DCs, SCs, TEs, and TAs?

On an annual basis, passwords for all CAI systems are reset for all users.  DAs are responsible for reviewing and updating all users within districts. 

DAs, DCs, and SCs will continue to have the ability to add users at any role beneath their level. For example, SCs can add TEs and TAs while DCs can add SCs, TEs, and TAs. New DAs can contact the Idaho SDE for access to CAI systems. 

Are EDUIDs pre-loaded in the Secure Browser?

No. The student will enter their EDUID into TDS at the time of testing

Will there be an error message if the entered information is wrong on the student log-in page of the Secure Browser?


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