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Authoring Training Module /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/Authoring-Full-Training-Module-2020-2021.pptx
Updated September 30, 2020
This module is designed to train users of the Authoring system. The module includes information on how to access Authoring, how to create items and tests, how to work with items and tests shared with you, and how to share items and tests with other educators. 
IDAA Training Presentation /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/2020-IDAA-Training-Materials-Presentation_2-25-20.pptx
Updated March 06, 2020

This presentation provides guidance to Idaho educators on all the important information regarding the Idaho Assessment Systems and the 2019-20 test administration. The presentation also provides detailed directions on how to access the resources available on the ISAT portal.

Navigate Dashboard And Generate Reports /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/How-to-Navigate-the-Dashboard-and-Generate-Reports_CAI-Rebranded.pptx
Updated March 13, 2020
How To Drill Down Into Your Results Using Settings And Filters /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/How-to-Drill-Down-into-Your-Results-Using-Settings-and-Filters_CAI-Rebranded.pptx
Updated March 13, 2020
How To Track Student Performance Over Time Using The Longitudinal Report /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/How-to-Track-Student-Performance-Over-Time-Using-the-Longitudinal-Report_Rebranded-v2.pptx
Updated March 13, 2020
How To PrintI ISRs And Student Data Files /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/How-to-print-individual-student-reports-and-student-data-files_Rebranded.pptx
Updated March 13, 2020
How To Print And Export Data You Can See In Your Reports /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/How-to-print-and-export-data-you-can-see-in-your-reports_Rebranded.pptx
Updated March 13, 2020
How To Use The Roster Manager To Add Modify And Upload Rosters /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/How-to-use-the-roster-manager-to-add-modify-and-upload-rosters_Rebranded.pptx
Updated March 13, 2020
How To Analyze Item Level Reports /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/How-to-Analyze-Item-Level-Reports_Rebranded-v2.pptx
Updated March 13, 2020
How To Hand Score Unscored Items And Modify Machine Scores /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/How-to-hand-score-unscored-items-and-modify-machine-scores_Rebranded.pptx
Updated March 13, 2020
These short training modules are designed to help users navigate the various tasks offered in the Reporting System.
TDS Training Presentation /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/TDS-Training-Presentation_CAI-Rebranding.pptx
Updated March 12, 2020
This presentation is designated to help users navigate the Test Delivery System (TDS) including the Student Interface, the Test Administrator Interface, the Data Entry Interface and help support test administrators manage and administering tests for the ISAT and IDAA tests.
TIDE Training Presentation /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/TIDE-Training-Presentation-2019-20_CAI-Rebranding.pptx
Updated February 14, 2020

This presentation can be used to train all TIDE users in tasks that must be completed before testing, during testing, and after testing. The presentation is divided into different sections that are customized for District Administrators/Coordinators (DAs/DCs), School Coordinators (SCs), Teachers (TEs), and Test Administrators (TAs).