Frequently Asked Questions about Paper Tests
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Frequently Asked Questions about Paper Tests

Where do I record answers to paper tests?

Student’s paper test responses are entered into the Data Entry Interface (DEI). If responses are not transcribed by the proctor into the DEI, student responses cannot be scored. Access the DEI card through the Idaho Portal. Please refer to the DEI User Guide.

When is the spring 2024 paper testing window?

The spring 2024 paper test window (all tests)  will begin on Monday, April 1 2024 and end on Friday, May 24, 2024.

When is the paper test ordering window?

The paper tests order window is from Tuesday, February 20 2024 to Friday, May 10, 2024 . Paper tests can be ordered by logging into TIDE and selecting Paper Ordering under Preparing for Testing. Please refer to the Paper Materials Ordering Guide

How do I order paper testing materials?

District Administrators and District and School Test Coordinators can order paper testing materials through TIDE. The Paper Materials Ordering Guide provides a complete walkthrough on how to create an order.

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